Friday, April 23, 2010

Storm in a teacup

Let me see if I've got this right...

We live in a society where you can almost depend on a sportsman scandal every season without any real damage to teams or careers;

it's perfectly legal to give politicians lots and LOTS of money for no apparent reason;

we get most of our information from actors pretending to be doctors, pharmacists, mom, the plumber... in expensive "little lies" paid for by the organisation taking your money;

our politicians - the 3rd least trusted group in the country - to whom we entrust our money, our laws, our environment, our children's education, our military decisions and our health - behave appallingly and no-one seems to do anything about it;

and even when we like them, they're still a bit pathetic;

unlike our captains of industry, who we cheer as heroes, who so often draw on the labour of those who would need "around 11,000 years to earn the $109m banked last year by Yahoo chief Terry Semel" - and if visuals are more your thing, try this.

But you can't pay footballers more than a certain amount so that people don't buy all the best players, thus ending the competition.

And now at least one group has.

And apparently it's the most disgraceful thing that's ever happened. So important that there's been almost nothing else on Australian media all day.

Go figure.

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