Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Peas be with you

Hear ye, hear ye.

I have seen the light.

Quantum chrystal ascention can be yours NOW. Keys to the secret mysteries will be given to those of pure heart and compassionate intention. Access your theta energetic prana shaman light-body self. Activate the animal dreaming of cosmic consciousness and pagan healing that will repattern your neurobiology and astral self through timeless algorithms, lost by the Aztecs during the vibration of the seventh sostice of the Aryan year in Atlantis - hearth of the pagan Excalibur, archangel Gabriel and the goddess Aknetulaanaiiaiiaii - a time of transformative warrior spirit providing alternative modalities in the metaphysical universe.

Break through the limitations, take control of the seven chakras, your hidden third eye and the divine energies that are only revealed to the chosen who will know wholeness.

Find joy, freedom, tantric ecstasy and a deep deep knowing of the minds of others. Be part of the inner sanctum. Health, wealth and happiness is guaranteed.

Just send this goddess your filthy earthly money immediately and all this and more will be yours.



  1. lol - can i fax it to you ?

  2. don't laugh - when fax machines were first invented, the first thing i did was fax a cheque for my rent to the real estate agent. he called me about 5 minutes later... :-)