Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Peas be with you

Hear ye, hear ye.

I have seen the light.

Quantum chrystal ascention can be yours NOW. Keys to the secret mysteries will be given to those of pure heart and compassionate intention. Access your theta energetic prana shaman light-body self. Activate the animal dreaming of cosmic consciousness and pagan healing that will repattern your neurobiology and astral self through timeless algorithms, lost by the Aztecs during the vibration of the seventh sostice of the Aryan year in Atlantis - hearth of the pagan Excalibur, archangel Gabriel and the goddess Aknetulaanaiiaiiaii - a time of transformative warrior spirit providing alternative modalities in the metaphysical universe.

Break through the limitations, take control of the seven chakras, your hidden third eye and the divine energies that are only revealed to the chosen who will know wholeness.

Find joy, freedom, tantric ecstasy and a deep deep knowing of the minds of others. Be part of the inner sanctum. Health, wealth and happiness is guaranteed.

Just send this goddess your filthy earthly money immediately and all this and more will be yours.


Mug's game

One unexpected consequence of the Rudd government's rise to power has been the quiet equilibrium I've settled into where I pretty much equally dislike both major parties. This has allowed me to occupy my time with other important pursuits like watching paint dry, musing on the random workings of the universe that periodically spawn phenomena like the Bieberbub and wondering who had the pleasure of naming the latest horticultural pest that's assailing inland NSW.

But nothing lasts forever, so it's no surprise that my attention is being drawn back to the ugly game. And no wonder when our new Liberal leader, who was propelled into power through his party's refusal to accept the need for a new "great big tax", (ousting the equally eccentric Turnbull, who was more partial to the idea) is now crowing from the rooftops accusing Rudd of not being able to push through what the Liberal party would prevent if they had the opportunity.

Given that Abbott seems to spend half his life prancing about in leisure gear and the rest carping at people, I reckon it's time the Liberal party got themselves a leader who'll do some real work.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Storm in a teacup

Let me see if I've got this right...

We live in a society where you can almost depend on a sportsman scandal every season without any real damage to teams or careers;

it's perfectly legal to give politicians lots and LOTS of money for no apparent reason;

we get most of our information from actors pretending to be doctors, pharmacists, mom, the plumber... in expensive "little lies" paid for by the organisation taking your money;

our politicians - the 3rd least trusted group in the country - to whom we entrust our money, our laws, our environment, our children's education, our military decisions and our health - behave appallingly and no-one seems to do anything about it;

and even when we like them, they're still a bit pathetic;

unlike our captains of industry, who we cheer as heroes, who so often draw on the labour of those who would need "around 11,000 years to earn the $109m banked last year by Yahoo chief Terry Semel" - and if visuals are more your thing, try this.

But you can't pay footballers more than a certain amount so that people don't buy all the best players, thus ending the competition.

And now at least one group has.

And apparently it's the most disgraceful thing that's ever happened. So important that there's been almost nothing else on Australian media all day.

Go figure.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Glacial information

Interesting post a coupla days ago from David Weinberger on the poor information and comunication flow during the recent Eyjafjallajokull volcano eruption.

Was it because it wasn't an "emergency" per se, such as the unfortunate journalist who found himself stuck in Paris? Or is it simply revealing the degree to which organisations aren't particularly competent at using information technologies?

In all the examples I can think of (Katrina, London bombings, Mumbai etc) it was the work of the few that galvanised the many.

I'd like to see the budgets for the organisations Weinberger refers to - I bet they've spent quite tidy sums in recent years on social media "experts" and other technology implementation. Yet they've clearly learned little.

Update 24 April 2010:
Slideshare presso on those airlines who did use social media during the period.

Day 2 and already I feel like Cinderella

So it's day 2 and instead of going home from work I'm thinking about blogging and if I don't today I prolly won't tomorrow so then I feel like I ought to do at least something and then I get all flustered cos what I really want to do is go buy some indian (food) and just get out of here and you know what, most people don't even really post anything interesting on their blogs except warmed up left-overs from somewhere else so here goes for day 2:

1. Factory Joe is one of life's geniiii - I always meant to mention that but was reminded today when I came across this.

2. Leonard Low is an amazing photographer and yesterday took this.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Here we go again

OK. I'm back.

I gave up blogging more than 2 years ago for lots of reasons.

Just spent 40 minutes explaining why, reading and rereading and editing and eventually deleting the whole thing.

Yeah. Now I remember. Shit. I used to hate this.

Anyway here I am. Please bear with me while I get my chops back.