Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mug's game

One unexpected consequence of the Rudd government's rise to power has been the quiet equilibrium I've settled into where I pretty much equally dislike both major parties. This has allowed me to occupy my time with other important pursuits like watching paint dry, musing on the random workings of the universe that periodically spawn phenomena like the Bieberbub and wondering who had the pleasure of naming the latest horticultural pest that's assailing inland NSW.

But nothing lasts forever, so it's no surprise that my attention is being drawn back to the ugly game. And no wonder when our new Liberal leader, who was propelled into power through his party's refusal to accept the need for a new "great big tax", (ousting the equally eccentric Turnbull, who was more partial to the idea) is now crowing from the rooftops accusing Rudd of not being able to push through what the Liberal party would prevent if they had the opportunity.

Given that Abbott seems to spend half his life prancing about in leisure gear and the rest carping at people, I reckon it's time the Liberal party got themselves a leader who'll do some real work.

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