Thursday, February 2, 2006

Loony toons

I doubt there'd be a person in Australia who hasn't heard about the Danish cartoon thing by now. I've avoided posting, largely 'cos I have such conflicted views about the matter and also because I've been too busy running around the blogosphere following the conversations and participating when appropriate.

I did feel however that I should post something, so what I'll do is refer you to Shelly from Burningbird who pretty much sums up how I feel about the whole thing.

In the car earlier I also heard the utterly delectable Bill Leak commenting on the matter saying that one of the regrettable things about this story is that the original cartoons were neither well drawn nor genuinely funny. Leak (whose cartoons can be found here) also recounted a story where he had once felt the need to depict Mohammed in a cartoon he was preparing for publication. Realising that it would unnecessarily offend Muslims to draw the prophet, Leak depicted him from behind, sitting in an armchair with only his feet showing under the chair.

What I admire most about Bill Leak - and other talented comics, artists, writers and the like - is how he is able to be irreverent and reverent at the same time, realising that one is not the opposite of the other.

Other interesting commentary

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