Friday, January 6, 2006

Cereal killers

I'm going to patent a procedure where one inserts a finger into one's mouth, presses lightly on the back of the throat and captures the result in a small plastic bucket. Because it's sure to make me a fortune in years to come.

Go read this article. And then tell other people too. Because:
While groups like the Electronic Frontier Foundation, FreeCulture and Downhill Battle are growing, intellectual property issues still don't command the same kind of attention as other progressive mainstays. But if the public doesn't start agitating for reform, Americans are going to find themselves increasingly at the whim of the large corporations who own the ideas that form the foundation of the American economy.
Intellectual property may not be as sexy as Angelina or Brad, but it'll screw you in places you don't even know you had. So do something.

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