Saturday, December 24, 2005

Stop the presses!

I had actually planned to take a couple of days off from blogging, reading news, checking email etc but I just had to post a story about this. It couldn't wait. And I couldn't wait to tell you.

Naomi Watts, human lead in the recently released King Kong film, Australian actress (born in England but we claimed her after she became famous), friend of Nicole Kidman...

... are you ready for it?...

... sure now?...

OK. I'll tell you. She visited a herbalist. YES! In Surry Hills. I can't believe it. I've heard on the grapevine that she has been known to put petrol in her car from time to time, but that may still be a rumour. That she visits restaurants and has a mobile phone is certain. People have taken pictures of it. And anyway, "sources" close to the star have confirmed it.

This is almost as huge news as the time I heard about Hillary Duff walking into a Starbucks and ordering a machiato. Who'd have known?

I probably won't blog again until new year unless something really important happens. Like Nicole running up to the shop for milk.

So until then, have a safe and happy Xmas. And make sure you spend spend spend. Cos that's what it's all about.

Credit to vee8 for the photo

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