Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Dang. Another year; good intentions; couch potato; you get the drift.

I remember back to 1995 or so when my organisation finally decided to upgrade my PC from a 386 to a 486. For about 2 weeks I was happy - everything worked faster - I could finally get some work done.  Until about a fortnight later when I felt the old frustration. This computer had to go. And so it went until about 2005 when computers finally caught up with what I pretty much needed. Nowadays I don't care. They do what I need them to do and I don't complain anymore. Much.

With the blogging, I have fantasies about software/hardware that writes directly from my brain. I have no trouble believing that we'll see the tools in my lifetime. I've seen so much invented even in the last decade that I no longer disbelieve anything. And anyway - this software/hardware would be able to capture my ramblings and observations, allowing me to edit on the go; take notes; earmark pictures and so on.  Because I actually blog all the time. You probably do too. Once upon a time I talked to myself but since the internet I definitely blog instead. In my head. All the time. Sitting down at a computer is the hard part.

I have nothing in particular to say today. I just wanted to stretch my fingers; feel the satisfaction of having written something instead of just tweeting or grazing. I love Twitter - it's my favourite social media application - just the right balance of closeness/distance - yet it's pretty much destroyed online culture as far as I'm concerned. Almost no-one I know creates anymore. And the ones that are the most in denial about it are the ones who say they curate; facilitate; whatever.

Doug Rushkoff says we all should code.  Andrew Keen is warning us to go back the way we came. They're both right. What do you do?

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  1. I create. And I don't chatter on Twitter much. I think the two things are related.

    1. Funny you should respond. You're exactly who I was thinking about when I was thinking about people who create. :-)