Thursday, November 10, 2005

The wrong dismissal

Anyone who missed tonight's 7.30 Report should kick themselves. Kerry O'Brien did a 30th anniversary special on the Dismissal that was worth catching. Far from the usual dry, blow-by-blow account of the same old story, O'Brien interviewed Gough Whitlam and Malcolm Fraser in an intimate and sensitive way that encouraged the men to reflect on the past, present and future.

Apart from the refreshing take on this important part of Australian history, I was struck by two important things:

1) Why has it taken me all these years to notice that Kerry "the thinking person's crumpet" O'Brien is gorgeous? Have I been sleeping!?

2) Gough and Fraser, elder statesmen of Australian politics, lifelong political adversaries, ideological chalk and cheese, now stand aligned on one thing: their deep misgivings about our current government and the direction in which we're headed as a country.

Think I'll eat some chocolate.

(Cheers to nutaroonie for the photo)

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