Thursday, October 6, 2005

Weapons of face construction

What is it with staff who work in the cosmetic counters of major department stores? I've visited three in the last two days and feel positively terrorised.

[you have been spared a long, LONG description of me eventually buying something - trust me - you have been SPAAAAAAAAAARED - UGH! ]

In the end, feeling like a total disgrace as a woman and ignoring the misgivings of the rational part of my brain ("you spent how much?!?") I pathetically explained that I'm "just not that into cosmetics" to the woman processing my credit card. She stared at me with total shock said "Really?! They're my LIFE!!"

That helped. Until then I honestly had started to believe there was something fundamentally wrong with me that I needed to work on.

Even if you're not buying cosmetics or planning to stop to look at anything, be prepared. The staff strategically place themselves at the intersections of the various islands of glass and panelling so that they can aggressively lunge at unsuspecting customers with bottles of perfume, aftershave and other stuff to slime you with. Don't be taken in by the quasi-nurse uniform starched dresses and nice smiles. They're bloody ruthless.

You have been warned.

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